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Stake Pool


Ticker: 21ADA

Pool ID: f3efb842c77895dde51e95e54d9c309da599631ef31216bcfea11083

Our Mission:

Furthering the Decentralization and Adoption of Cardano while educating, creating & giving back!

21% of our pool's rewards are donated to funding a water well for a rural community in Ethiopia. 

Earn passive income while enabling us to bring clean water to Ethiopian communities.

Pool Specs:

Google Premium Network Tier fully redundant & scalable.

Hardened for top-notch SSH security surpassing RSA 2048/4096 with the latest Ed25519 in addition to management database stored behind AES-256GCM with salted key.

100% renewable energy consumption



Who operates the pool?

I do! My name is Jami btw :)

When you first start, staking your ADA can be challenging.

We'll answer many of the basic concerns newcomers have when it comes to

delegating their ADA in the sections below.

Your Stake is safe

  • Your stake is never stuck with a pool, you are free to move, withdraw, spend whenever you want. In fact, when you are staking, your ADA never actually leaves your wallet. Click here for more information on wallets.

  • Stake from a hardware wallet! The safest way to stake and have full control over your crypto. Click here for our affiliate link with TREZOR

  • Rewards are automatically re-delegated for you.

  • When can I expect to see rewards from my delegation? Click here


21% goes to RUN FOR WATER:

  • Yes! We donate 21% of our pool's rewards monthly to the Run for Water charity. 

  • These donations go into Run for Water's Cardano wallet for safe keeping, to earn staking rewards & to help decentralize the network. 

  • When the fund reaches it's goal of $20,000.00 it will be released to build a water well! We look forward to fully funding our first well and many more!

  • This Charity has been working in Ethiopia for 15 years to provide clean water development in under-privileged communities in rural Ethiopia amongst other ways of empowering the locals with a focus on women and children.

  • For transparency we will be keeping a record of donation receipts on the Cardano blockchain! 

  • They built one of the first wells, that we know of, funded by Bitcoin donations!

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Donated: ₳46.90

We contribute to Cardano in a few ways:

  • Other than running a Stake Pool that mints blocks for the Cardano Blockchain 

  • We also run Think & Grow Crypto on YouTube. An informative channel to help further adoption.

  • We help bring to life with visuals the mission & vision of GROW pool.

  • We release fun and creative pieces, GIFs & memes via our Twitter accounts. Check them out!


Staking FAQs

How many different openers can you control with the Genie Universal Remote?

With the Genie Universal Remote, you can control a combination of up to 4 different garage door openers and/or gate receivers. Each of the 4 buttons on the remote programs individually of the others so having multiple brands of openers controlled by a single remote is not a problem.

Does this remote come with a visor clip or keychain option?

Each Genie Universal Remote comes standard with BOTH a visor clip or keychain option inside every box for maximum convenience.

Are the buttons on the Genie Universal Remote pre-programmed?

Each of the 4 buttons on the Genie Universal Remote are pre-programmed with a popular opener manufacturer for your programming convenience. If you are not working with one of those brand openers or desire a different button setup than what is pre-programmed, no problem! You can easily change your button layout to your preference by using alternate programming methods. See your remote instruction for further details

What kind of batteries does the Genie Universal Remote use?

The Genie Universal Remote uses a single CR2032 coin cell battery. You can access this battery by removing the Phillips head screw on the back of the remote with a screw driver and then use a small coin (if needed) to pop open the case.

What openers are compatible with the Genie Universal Remote?

Control the most popular brands of garage door openers and gate receivers such as Genie®, Overhead Door®, Chamberlain®, Linear®, Wayne Dalton®, plus many more! Upon release of the Genie Professional Line product, the below chart is accurate for SW: v01.01.04. Overtime, we will implement additional manufacturers which means the compatibility list can and will change.

Will the Genie Universal Remote work with any other brand/specifications other than what is on this list?

For rolling code brands/specifications, no, the remote will not work on any other brands/specifications other than what is listed. For dip switch brands/specifications, it is possible if they are on the same MHz, however, without proper testing of individual units, this cannot be confirmed. Also please remember, Genie operator accessories should only be used on products produced 1993 and after that have functional safety sensors.

Does the Genie Universal Remote use dip switches?

The Genie Universal Remote does not use physical dip switches, but it does use “virtual dip switches” – or dip switch codes created by using specific button presses on the remote. Once in the mode to receive dip switch input, the user will press 1=UP, 2=MIDDLE and 3=DOWN to represent the location of the dip switches on the original product.

How do I clear out the Genie Universal Remote and return it to factory settings?

If you used the ‘QUICK START METHOD’: You must clear these in the same manner you would clear original transmitters from the head. Please consult your opener manual for instruction. If you used the ‘LEARN METHOD’ or ‘TEACH & PAIR’ (‘cloning’): On the universal remote, press and hold down button #3 while pressing button #4 - four times. The blue LED will give a long blink and then go out. If you have only one opener, you may also (for all methods) simply program over of what has previously been done.

When I press the universal remote buttons excessively, sometimes the white LED lights with every button press and the remote doesn’t seem to be responding.

Leave the remote untouched for approximately 2 minutes or remove the battery and re-insert.

What is the “Teach & Pair” (or “cloning”) feature and what do I need to do to use it?

The “Teach & Pair” (or “cloning”) feature is just another option offered to create an additional remote. To use the “Teach & Pair” (or “cloning”) feature for programming, an existing operational remote is required. The user can put the Genie Universal Remote into a ‘pairing mode’ – the user then presses a button on the existing working remote while the Genie Universal Remote “listens”. The Genie Universal Remote is then able to repeat back what it heard, “cloning” your existing remote transmission. Programming the remote to the opener head is still required to complete the process for rolling code products.

I am having trouble with the “TEACH & PAIR” method – the universal remote does not seem to recognize the operational remote transmission.

Be sure to vary the distance between the universal remote and the operational remote. Try touching them together, also try up to 4” apart. Always put the operational remote to the side of the universal transmitter with button numbers 1 and 3 for best results.

When working with Chamberlain®/LiftMaster®/Craftsman® Yellow Learn Button units, I am having trouble programming the universal remote to the operator head/receiver.

When programming a Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman operator with the yellow learn button, be sure to follow the specific programming instructions for these units. After preparing the remote to receive a yellow learn button unit, on the garage door opener: 1. Press the yellow LEARN button for 2-3 seconds and then release 2. On the remote, press and release the pre-set button OR the button you just programmed once every 2 seconds until the garage door opener operates. Let it run until it stops. TIP: Allow the LED light on the universal transmitter to stop flashing before your next button press. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above. 4. Test the button - programming is complete.

When working with Marantec® products, what is the best method to program with?

If you have no other remotes or keypads that you are using with the operator, the LEARN method will work and you will program to the head as the instructions indicate. If you have additional remotes and/or keypads that you use with the operator, you should use the TEACH & PAIR method only to alleviate the risk of interfering with products already programmed and working. For this scenario, you will not program the remote to the operator head.

When working with any of the dip switch style units, do I still need to program the remote to the opener head?

After preparing the remote to receive one of the named units, do not program it to the opener head. Instead, press the button on the universal remote that you have selected and prepared WITHOUT programming it to the head – this should operate the opener.

Can the universal remote be used to program HomeLink® into a car?

In certain versions of HomeLink® (versions 4 and 5), it is possible to use the universal remote to program the HomeLink® in a vehicle. These brands/specifications can be used to program a vehicle: Visit the HomeLink® website for HomeLink programming assistance.

Can the HomeLink® button from a car be used as the existing operational remote with the TEACH & PAIR method to create a new remote?

In certain versions of HomeLink® (versions 4 and 5), it is possible to use HomeLink® from a vehicle as the existing operational remote in the TEACH & PAIR programming method to create a new remote. These brands/specifications can be used to create a new remote: Visit the HomeLink® website for HomeLink programming assistance.