Staking your ADA is not as hard as it sounds.
Watch this video or read the steps below to get staking!


With three simple moves, you can start earning staking rewards with your Cardano funds using the Yoroi wallet.
Without having to run a Cardano node on your device or wait for the whole blockchain to download, the Yoroi wallet makes it simple to store and delegate your ADA. 
From your phone or browser, you can reach your ADA and delegate it to a pool.


1.Installing the Yoroi Wallet is the first step. 

Yoroi must be downloaded from the official Yoroi website.

When you click on the right version for your browser, you'll be taken to an addon page where you can download it. 

Pick the Chrome extension if you're using the Brave browser. We'll be using Chrome in this tutorial, but the rest of the steps 
should be the same for every Yoroi edition. Continue to the next step by opening the application or browser extension.


2(a): Create a new wallet

 Skip to the next step if you want to restore an existing wallet.

  • If you're not restoring an existing Yoroi or Daedalus wallet, you'll need to start from scratch:



  • Choose "Create Wallet" and assign it a name as well as a secure password for spending. 

  • After that, you'll be asked to write down a mnemonic phrase. Keep this offline.

  • Once you've saved the phrase, you'll be prompted to type it in yourself by clicking on the words in the correct order.

  • After you've created your wallet, you can transfer money to it from an exchange (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and so on) or another wallet.


Step 2(b): Restore your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet if you have one.

Skip to the next step if you don't have an existing wallet to restore.

Click "Add new wallet" and then "Restore wallet" to restore your current wallet:


  • Based on the length of your recovery phrase, choose the appropriate recovery option:


  • At the prompt on the next screen, type your recovery phrase

  • To delegate to a stake pool, you'll need to switch your funds to a new Shelley wallet if

    you recovered a Byron-era wallet.

  • Create a new wallet by following the steps in the previous step, and then transfer the balance of your Byron wallet to your new Shelley wallet before continuing.


Step 3: Delegate your ADA in a stake pool.

Click the delegation tab to assign the ADA to a stake pool:


  • You'll need to enter a pool ID or ticker to choose a stake pool. A third-party website like PoolTool will help you find a suitable pool and its ID.

  • Click the "Delegate" button after entering the ID or ticker of your desired pool

  • Type your spending password & click "Delegate"





  • You've now delegated the ADA and will start earning rewards after the present & next epoch ends.

    For further questions check out Staking FAQs or reach out to us with any questions you may have.